1. Auctions are held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 18:00 to  20:00. The Wednesday auctions will be designated for all bicycle related items including complete bicycles to any accessories. The Friday auctions will be designated to all motorcycle related items.

2. All sellers and buyers will have to register an account on one of the Bike Auction platforms before bids will be accepted.

3. Bidding will be done on the online Bike Auction platforms. Only bids placed on either the Bike Auction website or the Bike Auction Android application will be deemed as recognisable bids.

4. Bidding will occur between 18:00 and 20:00, no early bids or purchases will be accepted.

5. Extra time on Auction is on Bike Auction’s discretion and will be communicated through the communication channels including WhatsApp and Telegram.

6. No new bids will be accepted after the bidding time for that auction is complete.

7. Social media channels such as WhatsApp and Telegram groups will be used for marketing and information purposes only, no bids placed on these groups will be recognised as a bid to a lot.

8. It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure that Bike Auction receives the correct information in relation to goods/ items for sale.

9. Bike Auction accepts no responsibility for incorrect information or incorrect photos provided by the seller.

10. Bike Auction accepts no liability for items purchased which are of substandard quality or reproductions/ fakes of the original make.

11. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure he/she is satisfied with the information of a lot before buying the lot. NO EXCEPTIONS. If for any reason the item bought is indeed refunded to the seller, a 15% fee will still be charged by Bike Auction.

12. During the auction, please ensure the correct lot is selected and the correct amount is entered in, once a bid is placed, it will not be withdrawn.

13. All new bids must be a minimum increment as specified by the seller once the lot was created, unless no increment was specified a default amount of R50 increment will take effect.

14. No lot sent to Bike Auction may appear on another online auction site on the same day. Such a lot will have a fine of 15% (fifteen percent) of the reserve amount which will be paid by the seller to Bike Auction.

15. A percentage amount on the sale amount will be due by the seller to Bike Auction as commission on each item sold. There are four tiers:

15.1. Tier 1: 15% (fifteen percent) on the sale amount between R0 – R19,999

15.2. Tier 2: 10% (ten percent) on the sale amount between R20,000 – R39,999

15.3. Tier 3: 8% (eight percent) on the sale amount between R40,000 – R59,999

15.4. Tier 4: 5% (five percent) on the sale amount on and beyond R60,000

16. Any item with a sales amount of equal to or above R20,000 the buyer who had the highest bid after the auction completed, may choose to pay a 15% (fifteen percent) holding fee before viewing the product. Once the holding fee is reflecting in the bank account of Bike Auction, the seller will be informed and the buyer will receive the contact details of the seller to arrange a viewing. If the buyer is satisfied with the product, they need to settle the outstanding amount with Bike Auction before the seller will hand over the product to the buyer. In the event that the buyer want to withdraw from the sale, they will have to inform Bike Auction, and a non-refundable amount of 10% (ten percent) of the holding fee will be due to Bike Auction and the rest of the holding fee will be paid back to the buyer.

17. Lots that are placed may NOT be withdrawn during the active time of an auction. In such event, a 15% (fifteen percent) of the sales amount will be due to Bike Auction for ANY withdrawal by the seller.

18. Buyers will remain bound to Bike Auction sales agreement. Should the buyer withdraw from a lot bought before the deal is concluded, the buyer will be held responsible for 15% (fifteen percent) fine of sales amount to Bike Auction. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. Make sure of a lot before buying it.

19. Bike Auction reserves the right to refuse any lot or offer before or during an auction.

20. The seller may refuse a buyer’s bid. The seller must have a valid reason for such refusal and must communicate its reason to the buyer and Bike Auction. Should the seller fail to provide a valid reason such seller will be liable of payment of 15% (fifteen percent) of the sales amount of the lot.

21. All lots remain the property of the seller until the buyer’s transaction has been completed to the seller i.e. payment made.

22. Bike Auction will show the results of the auction online in real time during an auction on the Live Auction page of the platform and the results of a completed auction in the history section on the View Catalogue page of the platform after the auction. Only after the auction has ended and in some cases after the buyer has paid the sales amount to Bike Auction, will the seller’s information be sent privately to buyers.

23. Negotiations on non-sold lots will be conducted strictly after the auction by Bike Auction on individual request basis.

24. After the auction, the buyer will receive the seller’s contact details and it is the buyer’s responsibility to contact the seller within 24 hours and make payment to Bike Auction within 3 (three) working days. The seller will be notified of the payment made by the buyer and will have 14 (Fourteen) days in which to allow the buyer to view, receive or collect the item from the seller. This allows for enough time for the buyer to receive the item and confirm back to Bike Auction that the item was received after which outstanding payment will be released to the Seller.

25. Buyers will receive confirmation of the sale as well as Bike Auction’s banking details after each auction via email and on their Bike Auction profile.

26. If the buyer does not make arrangements for goods to be sent by seller, or does not collect the goods after a period of 90 (ninety) days ownership of the goods reverts back to the seller and the buyer will forfeit any payments made.

27. Cash-deposits require you to add a R50.00 (fifty Rand) cash-deposit fee to your total amount.

28. Bike Auction is not responsible for failed deliveries or damage incurred during transport, or costs of transport of any items sold on auction. It is the buyer’s responsibility to get in touch with the seller and to arrange transportation, the cost of which is to be agreed upon between the buyer and the seller.

29. It is the seller’s responsibility to notify Bike Auction if the buyer fails to comply with the rules.

30. The seller has 14 days to provide goods sold to the buyer in good condition if applicable after confirmation from Bike Auction that payment has been received from the buyer.

31. Buyer must inform Bike Auction once the goods have been successfully delivered. No payments will be released without this notification from Buyer. This is the responsibility of the buyer to notify Bike Auction and not the responsibility of Bike Auction to follow up on this.

32. Bike Auction expects everyone to view the various communication groups as an auction communication platform and to respect the privacy of the admin and all members of the online groups. If any problems arise, please report privately to Bike Auction admin.

33. Any disputes will be resolved at the sole discretion of Bike Auction.

34. All items bought on Bike Auction comes with a 14 (Fourteen) day money back guarantee (unless otherwise stated) after delivery, should the buyer not be satisfied.

35. To add anybody to the Bike Auction Information WhatsApp group, forward this link (in the event that the group capacity have been reached, please use Telegram instead): https://chat.whatsapp.com/J4qqqTGG0OD9y2sWseCDUO

36. To add anybody to the Bike Auction Information Telegram group, forward this link: https://t.me/joinchat/NEIzA49KdFBjZTJk

37. To download the Bike Auction Android application, search for Bike Auction on the Goolge Playstore or follow this link: xxx

38. Any queries may be directed to the Bike Auction email address: info@bikeauction.co.za

39. All transactions and relevant dealings through the Bike Auction platform will be subject to the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, as well as any other applicable South African legislation.